Data Integration and Interface Programming:

Data Integration and Interface Programming:

Automate Your Business Processes

Have you reached the point where you are losing track of the flow of hard copy data or manual tasks in your systems and feel that you are losing your competitive edge? Are you looking for a way to automate your internal and external processes, regardless of your system, to streamline the collaboration with your customers and suppliers, or simply to connect software A with software B? Then we can help you: Thanks to secure interface programming and continuous error monitoring, we turn fully automated, error-free process handling into a reality for you—both internally and externally.

Exchanging Paper Documents and Entering Data by Hand Are Now a Thing of the Past

You have most certainly already felt it: organizations of all sizes and in all sectors are under massive pressure today to digitize their business processes. Partners, customers, and suppliers may only want to work with you if you are able to exchange data electronically, i.e., via EDI, in specific formats. For good reason, as well, because transferring business documents and order information on paper is time-consuming and requires a lot of repetitive work on both sides. Manual, repetitive steps often lead to errors, misunderstandings, and high communication costs. This makes delays in the ordering and delivery process inevitable.

Things would be different if you could automatically receive, process, and send all your documents, including purchase orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, and invoices. Time-consuming routine tasks and staffing bottlenecks would evaporate, as would media breaks and error-prone data entry.

The same applies to connecting systems within a company, of course. The absence of interfaces between applications often leads to high costs because activities have to be performed multiple times and/or manually—or perhaps because the employee responsible is the only one who has all the relevant processing information in their possession. (We call this avoidable undocumented knowledge and at this point want to wish you a wonderful time covering for your colleague while they’re away on vacation.)

Perhaps you can already think of one or two instances where you have already asked yourself, “Couldn’t this be easier?”, “Why isn’t there an interface?” or “Couldn’t this be automated?”.

Are you concerned that automation could prove complex and costly? Well, the opposite is the case: Seamless data integration and reliable interface programming simplify your processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

What is meant by data integration?

Data integration facilitates the electronic exchange of data between internal and external systems so that data can be automatically processed between different applications. To ensure a reliable flow of data, business partners including customers, suppliers and logistics providers and their systems are seamlessly connected via interfaces. The goal of data integration is to eliminate media disruption and automate business processes.

Advantages for Your Business

With data integration and process automation, you can eliminate manual data entry errors and share information with your partners more quickly. In concrete terms, data integration offers you the following advantages:

Interface Programming
from nubibase

Interface Programming
from nubibase

In order for applications to be able to communicate with each other, reliable interfaces are essential. Programming stable interfaces, on the other hand, requires experienced developers with specialized in-depth knowledge. Otherwise, it can quickly lead to data errors and malfunctions.

With a wealth of interface expertise, our team makes sure that you can seamlessly connect to your partners and automate your document flow with ease. We listen to your needs right from the consulting phase and implement custom solutions as required. Once the implementation is complete, we are happy to monitor the interfaces for you and provide expert assistance in the event of errors.

As a central data hub for your electronic data exchange, we rely on Lobster_DATA, a software tool from Lobster DATA GmbH that covers all use cases in a single solution, including EAI, EDI, ETL and MFT. We are the first Lobster partner to be certified directly by the developer. With our Lobster Advanced Certified Professional team, you can rely on professional project planning and implementation, and are welcome to discuss your digitalization projects with us.

Don’t want to run the software on your premises, prefer a managed service, or have specific requirements you’d like to discuss with us? Simply contact us—together we will find the right suitable solution for you.

Want to say goodbye to manual
document processing?

The repetitive, paper-based processing of business documents is a thing of the past. It is prone to errors, time-consuming and results in high costs. In these dynamic times of digital transformation, your customers and suppliers can no longer afford to work this way. In the worst case, they will no longer want to work with you in future.

So don’t close your eyes to the digital transformation and become a part of the business process automation journey today. Take advantage of the fresh opportunities it presents to connect with business partners and reach new markets. Simply contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.

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