We digitize and automate businesses.

How we became who we are.

We Transform Challenges Into Opportunities

We have been helping small and midsize businesses to successfully navigate the challenges of the digital transformation since 2013. Over the past 10 years, we have completed numerous projects for clients in a wide range of industries, gaining invaluable experience in data integration and automation.

We now have a clear understanding of the challenges that digital transformation poses for your business and the barriers that stand in the way of your digital transformation. We understand the urgent need for uninterrupted communication without media disruption, the constant pressure to act, and the challenges of increasingly complex system landscapes. We understand your concerns about skills shortages, generational change, and siloed knowledge.

As an experienced and competent partner, we want to offer you innovative solutions that enable you to maximize the potential of the digital transformation for your business. Through the systematic use of low-code tools, we achieve the necessary systematization of undocumented knowledge.

Our company name, nubibase, is composed of the two words “nubi” (Latin for “in the cloud”) and “base”. It symbolizes our goal of partnering with our clients to provide cutting-edge services and technologies as an enabling partner.


From Foundation
to Success Story

The two founders of nubibase, Alexander Bumann and Maximilian Pfister, were practically born with an interest in the digitization of midsize businesses: Both grew up in entrepreneurial families and recognized early on the tremendous need to improve business processes through the effective use of disruptive technologies.

But they also realized that mid ???

From that moment on, the two
founders had a vision.

They wanted to preserve the innovative spirit and agility of midsize businesses by offering flexible IT operating models in the form of managed services and software as a service.

Businesses should no longer be forced to purchase complex, costly solutions that require a high level of human and financial resources to operate in-house. Instead, they should be able to use only the features that add real added value and have access to technical support when they need it.

The Rest Is a
Success Story

To date, we have successfully completed more than 600 projects for clients in a wide range of industries throughout Germany.

We employ more than 15 highly qualified and motivated employees.

We have already gained the support of 8 software developers as long-term cooperation partners.

In the area of remote monitoring, we currently perform more than 1.8 million automated monitoring actions on a daily basis.

Solutions for All Industries and Applications

No matter what industry you are in, we have the right bespoke data exchange, interface, and automation solutions for you. These solutions are built around reliable, secure and easy-to-use low-code tools such as Lobster_DATA or the Microsoft Power Platform.

Our operating and support models are as flexible as your business as a part of this: whether you want to run the software yourself, outsource a project to us in its entirety, or collaborate with us on innovative ideas, we are quick and agile to adapt our services to your needs. This means you enjoy complete freedom of choice and have a strong partner you can rely on at your side.

Our services can be booked on demand, as regular IT service contingents or monthly packages. We will be happy to assist you with interface development both during the project and also later during the operation of your EDI interfaces. Typically, we offer the following services:

Individual Project
Related Services
Support Services During
Ongoing Operations
We Support You During
your Digital Transformation

We are passionate about helping you overcome your technological challenges and help you achieve your goals. Our mission is to help businesses take full advantage of the digital transformation.

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